Sedona Moon X The Perennial Closet: The Collaboration


I've always liked to think that there is an infinite universe where creativity lives. Always among us, just within reach. Existing right along side us, right under our nose. Invisible to the human eye yet completely tangible. Sometimes we step into it's universe, and sometimes it breaks through into ours. We dance with ideas, with visions of things not yet made, and sometimes if we're very lucky and open, we might discover that we have moments of dancing in unison with more than one creative mind. A few months ago, I felt as though mid-dance with Perennial saw a woman named Sarah Hatch of Sedona Moon Jewelry dancing with her ideas and said, "I WANNA DANCE WITH THEM!". With my heart full, I said "ME TOO GIRL, ME. TOO."

And so it was. Sarah and I came together, and she created a line of earrings exclusively for the Yellow Launch. Their reveal was a surprise to me (and man do I love surprises!), and I felt so delighted seeing them for the first time. Without much communication even needed, Sarah had envisioned a beautiful array of earrings that feel so much more like art small art pieces to me. I found myself floored again by that strange universe creativity seems to live in right along side us. Sarah had created something so much better than anything I could have imagined and that felt so much like both of us! I'm so excited to share these stunning designs with you and I am sure that they will be pieces that add so much value to your wardrobe. Every pair of earrings I have come to own from Sarah have filled me with so much happiness. I know they will be pieces I visit for a lifetime and I hope that you all feel the same way that I do.

A Q&A with Sarah Hatch of Sedona Moon Jewelry:

What made you want to design earrings? What inspired the name of your business?

I kind of fell into this. I struggled really badly with PPD after the birth of my 3rd daughter. I remember going back to work for 1 day after my maternity leave and I was crippled with tears and anxiety. I knew that my mind and body were not ready to be away from home. I needed something that would spark joy and making jewelry was the perfect solution. The name Sedona Moon came from my love of desert colors and my Moon Face design that I made last Fall.

What inspired your designs for this capsule? What do you look to for inspiration when designing?

When I was designing this capsule, I wanted to make sure that my earrings complemented the fluidity of the beautiful fabrics that Perennial Closet uses. I like the idea of sharp lines and flowy fabrics. I also wanted to create shapes that would be flattering on every body because that’s what Perennials clothes do...they flatter every body. For inspiration, every month I put together a Mood Board. It is comprised of things that make me feel like my truest self. It has quotes, song titles, textures, colors, architecture, art, BUT NEVER jewelry.

What is your favorite part of having Sedona Moon? Is there a part of your process that you most enjoy? If so, what is it?

My favorite thing about Sedona Moon is creating something that gives someone confidence. People don’t need my earrings to be beautiful...they are all already beautiful without them. BUT, the fact that I can be part of something that makes someone feel lovely...that’s an honor.

Do you ever listen to music, TV, audio books or podcasts when you are making jewelry? If so, what have been some of your favorite listens as of late?

I always have jazz music playing or some romantic French list from Spotify. It speaks to me...even if I don’t know what is being said.

What about clay makes it your medium of choice?

Clay is fun because it’s forgiving. If I don’t like what I make...I roll it in a it through the pasta maker, and start over. I can’t tell you how many times I start over before I see a design I love. Clay allows that process of figuring out...without wasting or losing much material.

What is your favorite piece from the yellow collaboration and which earring would you pair with it?!

My favorite piece from the yellow collection is, hands down, the Cropped top in linen and I would pair it with the Golden Waterfalls.

Camille Witt