To best care for your naturally dyed garment, hand wash and hang dry out of the way of direct sunlight. You may also machine wash on cold and tumble dry on a low heat setting in the delicate cycle. Natural dyes are extra sensitive to direct sunlight and although we do everything we can to ensure that the color will hold, know that just like any dyes, natural dyes also fade. We encourage you to embrace the way these colors fade and shift in hue over time. We are also proud to offer our “Perennial Dye Guarantee” if you wish to return your garments to a deeper shade of it’s original color.

The Natural Dye process is one that is imperfect. It is a delicate art with lots of room for error. We do everything we can to get the most seamless, consistent color, but there is still the possibility of your garment arriving with a small spot of excess pigment or a shift in color. You may exchange your garment for a new one if you are dissatisfied with your garment upon arrival within 15 days of delivery of your order (see our exchange policy below). However we invite you to celebrate in the unique results only natural dyes can offer, each garment is one-of-a-kind and slightly different from the last, making yours special and just for you!


What is your PERENNIAL DYE guarantee?

Our mission at The Perennial Closet is to create beloved garments in your wardrobe that you return to wearing season after season. We are proud to offer “The Perennial Dye guarantee”. Simply ship your garment to us and we’ll re dye and return the item at no cost to you. Limit is one re dye per year.

What is your return & EXchange policy?

At this time we currently do not offer a return policy, however we are glad to exchange or give you store credit for garments within 15 days of delivery of your order. Simply contact us via our website and we’ll be happy to help you find something else you’ll enjoy!

We are currently a one man show where everything is done in house and made-to-order. This means that nothing we have online is already pre made. We need a little extra time to dye, cut, sew, and ship your garment to you. The benefit of this? It means that there’s less waste and unused clothes being produced. This is so much better for the environment and a part of our process that we’re proud of. Another amazing benefit is knowing that your garment was made specifically just for you!

When can I expect to receive My Order?

Shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to update you on what step we’re on in making your order (you may even get a little sneak process picture or two!).

What is the current status of my order?

Maybe. We are still a very young business. We are currently able to accommodate adjustments to the hem of your garment if you would like it just a bit shorter or longer. Drop us a note if you have a question on customizations, we’re happy to hear from you.